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That Professionally-Manicured Look

We all love that detailed, manicured look on a lawn where the grass appears as a green carpet inviting you to walk on it barefoot. We admire the symmetry and uniformity of the lawn striping technique which creates those clean lines and grid patterns your neighbors envy. 




Our independent lawn care pros nail that look every time. Call today and we'll select one of our great vendors who would be the best fit for your needs. Our owner operators are based in St. Augustine and St. Johns County and are honored to serve their friends and neighbors.

For the best lawn service in St. Augustine, let us match you with one of our network pros today​!

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Lawn Care Tip of the Month

Nourish your soil! Fertilizer does not feed soil. It feeds plants. Organic matter feeds the soil, providing food for the microorganisms (bacteria, insects and earthworms), which convert chemicals in the soil to a form that plants can use as nutrients. Plus, organic matter suppresses weeds and deters plant disease.

Great lawn service in St. Augustine, FL
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ServiceTopia Lawn Service in St. Augustine, FL
Professional lawn service in St. Augustine, FL

Beware! Which Toxic Lawn Pesticides Taste Good to Your Pet?

When we treat our lawn with pesticides, it may be easy to overlook the possible affects on our furry friends when we're so focused on our objective of a pest-free yard but beware. Some lawn pesticides can actually entice your dog or cat to ingest it being that they taste good. Yes that's right. Some pesticides actually taste good to animals posing a potential life-and-death risk sprinkled on your lawn. Pesticide products with the ingredient disulfoton have that appealing flavor that attracts pets. Since it's mixed in with fertilizers made from animal byproducts, the flavor is even more appealing for them. Disulfoton is a chemical under the classification of organophosphates which is manufactured under the name Di-Syston by Bayer CropScience. Many of these products have been discontinued except for Ortho's Rose Pride which still contains the chemical. If your pet has ingested the product you may notice symptoms such as diarrhea, seizures, weakness, fatigue and vomiting. Death can occur from respiratory arrest from failure of the respiratory muscles. Slug and snail bait, which also tastes good to pets, has a chemical called metaldehyde which can cause tremors, seizures and death in dogs. If you need to use slug and snail bait, consider using the ones with ferric phosphate which are less toxic. The hidden hazards to our pets can pop out of nowhere. Being vigilant and reading the labels can enable us to make better choices for our beloved four-legged family members.

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