About Us

How We Work

ServiceTopia (a brand of Kalen Marketing) is a condensed marketplace where online users shop for aesthetic home service companies including lawn service, pool service, pressure washing service and junk removal service here in St. Augustine, FL. How we operate is simple. Just call or message us and we'll set the appointment with one of the participating vendors in our marketplace. Our vendors are proud independent owner-operators who take pride in their businesses and their signature crafts. 


Our Story

Hello my name is Eric Kalendowicz and I am the founder of ServiceTopia. It all started in 2017 when I was running my handyman company Kalen Services and things got really busy. In fact, things go so busy that I was too overbooked to visit with many of my callers. I felt bad and didn't want to leave them hanging so I started referring them to other handymen friends of mine whose schedules were wide open. I realized that I was helping both my callers and other handymen in need of work and it felt really good. I decided to create a side service, apart from my main business, of bringing the two parties together whenever I wasn't able to take the jobs myself. It was such a rewarding feeling that I decided to make this a full time thing also including other types of home service providers. I created ServiceTopia through Kalen Marketing which is another trade name of my company Kalen Services LLC. I figured I would make it official since, from now on, I'm going to be doing this as a permanent passion of mine. Thank you for reading my story.