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Ahhh Yes! That beautiful blue quenching utopia we look forward to when we get home from work or school in the Summertime. Just throw on your bathing suit and do a huge cannonball at the deep end or maybe float lazily on an inflatable raft holding something cold to drink while the return jets push you around the pool.

Maintaining that dazzling shimmer is essential and our independent pool service pros know how to keep your guests envious at every backyard BBQ.

If you want the most immaculate pool service in St. Augustine, let us match you with one of our awesome pool pros today!

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Our Pool Care Tips

To get the most enjoyment from your pool service in St. Augustine, be sure to look for our pool care tips.

Painting your pool may seem like an inexpensive way to restore the new look it once had when it was first built but beware. Very few materials hold up in chemically-treated water and paint isn't one of them. Your pool may look great a few weeks after painting but then you may notice the water getting cloudy. You may also experience paint actually coming off on your skin or bathing suit if you come in contact with the walls or steps. The paint is being oxidized and broken down by the chemicals which will wreak havoc on your pool. Also, paint cannot be filtered so it just passes right through the filter back into the pool making the water cloudy. If the condition persists, the water will eventually look like milk making conditions unsafe. The remedy will require a costly acid wash cleanup plus a new filter cartridge. Consider the lesser of two evils by having a pool that may look aged but functions properly and safely. It's better to wait until a new marcite (plaster) job is in the budget. 

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